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For You our Valued Customer, we offer the Best Kona Coffee SALE VALUE that you can find anywhere, reasonably

priced, roasted and shipped only when you order for Your Peak Kona Coffee Experience. <<See Our Kona Comfort

Coffee Products To Order Now>>

Our shade grown high elevation coffee is carefully nurtured, painstakingly processed so that the quality and value is

maintained from start to finish -- from the way we grow, harvest, process, store, then roast, package and ship to you.

At any of these steps careless handling would mean an inferior cup of coffee, the fact that our coffee consistently

brews perfect is only from the result of constant attention and knowing what to do at each step (and then doing it).

<<See How We Produce Kona Comfort Kona Coffee for You>>

If you want farm-direct prices for Real Kona Coffee you'll find we will be very good for your budget. Our prices are

reasonable and the lowest for this calibre of coffee. Discount Kona Coffee is yours when you sign up and order with

our easy and convenient shopping cart that can process your order whether you live right here on the Island, Canada,

Japan, Mexico, Europe or anywhere (including many happy customers in the Continental US). <<Visit Our Kona

Comfort Coffee Shopping Cart Now>>

100% Kona Comfort Organic Certified Kona Coffee is the Cadillac of all coffees. And for your home roasting needs,

look no further that our Green category on our shopping site: <<Click Here for Kona Comfort Green Coffee Beans>>

✓ Vacation Rentals

We have a private home on an acre of property in North Kona, on the Big Island Hawaii in the District of Kona (City of

Kailua) which we open to those interested in rental living space while they are on vacation, hosting guests, seeking

quality shelter for their relatives or friends, or for themselves or employees during conferences, for business trips or

meetings, gatherings, fishing trips, get aways, and so forth. <<See The Kona Comfort Vacation Rentals Units Now>>

We go the extra mile to provide only the cleanest and best kept living quarters we can manage. We furnish with

unique and mostly local flavor furniture, decorations & small considerate touches that invite you to want to stay and


We have the ability to take fast bookings (even same day!) for those who are coming with short notice. Those who can

stay a while, we discount more the longer you book -- this can be a great way to come to know Hawaii or to really

relax and enjoy yourself and get a bargain at a perfect living space. <<See Our Kona Comfort Availability Calendar


Our customers have left many words of praise with their own notes & letters, some have even sent us pictures to

share with you -- some leave us gifts, some add their own object or book to the environment for others to enjoy; you

are not likely to find this enthusiasm at many other vacation rental sites or see real written referrals on most


<<Go See the Guest Testimonials for Kona Comfort Rentals>>

We are a small, closely supervised, very committed, family run company.

That means we are service oriented to You our customers who we treat like our friends.

Small means we can keep track of and assure quality results.

To learn more or to book your Kona Comfort Vacation Rental or buy your Kona Comfort Coffee, please select the

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Kona Comfort is more than a name, Kona Comfort is..

◆People and Processes Working Tirelessly Behind the Scenes to keep Every Detail Running Optimally

◆the Goal for Each of our Customers to Be Happy and Satisfied from Every Experience with us

◆to Deliver to You Our Customers Rentals We Would Want to Live In and Coffee We Would Prefer to Drink!

Thank you in advance for your interest, and if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact

us, we are always happy to try to answer questions and help if we can. <<Contact Us About Kona Comfort  Vacation

Rentals or Kona Comfort 100% Kona Coffee>>



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